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  Playa Linda Tapachula Map

 As a Tapachula Airport Hotel, is located 19 kilometers from Tapachula International Airport. The easiest way to get here by air is to fly via Mexico City using Aero Mexico or Volares, Flights morning, afternoon and evening.

  Distances from Playa Linda Hotel 

  Aproximate  Collectivo prices

Laguna Pozuelos eco reserve:  50 meters

Beach North end: 4.88 km - 18 peso

Marine Base: 5 km - 18 peso

Marina Chiapas: 6 km - 18 peso

Puerto Chiapas Harbour & Cruise shipsl: 8.1 km - 18 peso

Puerto Madero: 14.78 km - 18 peso  (Debit Card Machine at Oxxo)

International Airport: 18.83 km (Debit Card Machine) (Collectivio at Highway 1/4 km - 30 peso)

Ciudad Hidalgo Border: 51 km  65-80 peso (Tallisman recommended via Tapachula for people and  non commercial)

Tapachula: 35 km 40 -50 peso

     Pricing January 2018, Collectivos are per person fare.

    Taxi - From or to airport by taxi 200 -250 pesos
    Taxi - From to Tapachula $300 - 350 peso

Also consider hiring a guide for a inexpensive day tour of area. Including Tacana Mountain, Izapa Ruins (site closed Sundays and Mondays), Coffee & Banana Plantations

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